About me/ À Propos de l'artiste

Expressives et graphiques, ses grandes oeuvres trouvent leurs échos dans l'Allégorie légendaire des formes classiques et des couleurs urbaines. Depuis ses plus lointains souvenirs, Ludovica a toujours évoluée dans un univers où le besoin de créer dominait tout, comme en témoigne le large spectre du  parcours Artistique de l'Artiste. Célébrée sur la scène Artistique Canadienne, elle nous présente  l’itinéraire du cheminement très personnel qu’elle a parcourue et qui est à l'origine du branding très Funky dans lequel elle incorpore diverses techniques de créations.


Expressive and graphic, her great works are echoed in the legendary Allegory of classical forms and urban colours. Since her earliest memories, Ludovica has always evolved in a world where the need to create dominated everything, as evidenced by the broad spectrum of the Artist’s Artistic path. Celebrated on the Canadian Art Scene, she presents the itinerary of the very personal journey she has travelled and which is at the origin of the very Funky branding in which she incorporates various techniques of creations.Distinctive, elegant and refined, the Pop-Art signature of Ludovica’s multimedia paintings is inspired by the iconic icons of fashion and design of the 20th century. It depicts the major trends of our times and of previous ones, proposing a judicious synthesis somewhere between abstraction and figuration, between academicism and innovation. Collages, drawings, paintings, and digital art compose this colorful visual explosion and brilliantly executed by thisself-taught 3rd Art.